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šAs a community, we exist to grow in our pursuit and experience of God’s presence. šWe desire for prayer, worship, and a continual exploration of God’s Word and Spirit to be at the heart of our gatherings. 

šWe desire our lived experience of God to shape our dedication and approach to strengthening families, communities, nations and the world around us. We believe that the Kingdom of God brings empowerment, meaning, hope, and dignity to all human beings.

šBecause of this, we desire to see every aspect of society marked by the values and culture of God’s kingdom - locally, nationally and internationally. And so we invest not just in the things that bring salvation but also those that bring dignity.

šWe believe every Christian has an individual and unique contribution to make in progressing God’s mandate to express the potential and value of all things and people.

šBecause of this, our mission is to share the love of Christ through practically serving our local communities, expressing the good news of the gospel, and establishing initiatives to help Christians develop their awareness and use of the individual talents God has placed within them to serve society.

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